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The Basics of the Alarm Check Valve System is a valve is going to help control water throughout a standpipe system, this can be underground but most of the alarm check valves are used above ground mainly in buildings and high rises.  As the nature of water being corrosive, when it sits idle for any length of time it can increase the corrosion of the pipes.  The alarm check valves also help to minimize this corrosion level by limiting the pressure within the pipes until such time as it is required.  Once it is activated, the alarm check valves will open and allow the full pressure of water to fill the system.    

Another purpose of these valves is beneficial in high rise buildings and other structures which would contain a tremendous length of piping throughout its wet pipe system.  This will automatically control the flow of water via the system itself.   If work is required to be don on any point in the system, , the technician will require to close valves either manually or drain out the entire system of water to the point where work requires to be done.  This would not be necessary using an electronically controlled system, with check valves.

What is the alarm check valve for sprinkler systems?

The Alarm Check Valve is a water flow alarm device designed for vertical installation in the main supply to a wet pipe sprinkler system.  When a flow of water from the system equals or exceeds that of a single sprinkler, the valve is to actuate a fire alarm.

The Alarm Check Valve help to minimize the level of corrosion by limiting the pressure within the pipes until such time as it’s needed. Once activated, the alarm check valves will open, allowing the full pressure of water to fill the system.

The main function of the Sprinkler Alarm Valves is to prevent a reverse flow of water or air pressure from the installation into the fire-pump room.  In case a fire sprinkler is activated (opened) due to fire, the sprinkler alarm valve will open and permit water flow into the system and a pressure switch gives a signal to activate the fire-pump.

What can happen if you ignore Alarm Check Valves?

If you do not use alarm check valves in a sprinkler system, then there are other situations that can happen.  Someone will have to open the valves manually for allowing water into the sprinkler system or the entire system will be under full pressure constantly that can lead to issues in the event of surges or corrosion. 

If you are designing, or upgrading, or building a sprinkler system, you need to consider using the Alarm Check Valves System.  Choose high quality valves and your security is bound to develop and it will help protect the investment in those buildings and the individuals who use them.

If you have any questions regarding Alarm Check Valves please give our experts at Accurate a phone call.  We would love to hear from you.  We can schedule a onsite inspection of your Fire Protection System.


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