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Star Link Fire Alarm Communicator

StarLink Fire Alarm Communicators

StarLink Fire Alarm Communicators – Accurate can help protect your business from a failure to communicate in a Fire Alarm Emergency.  Generally your business fire alarm system detects a fire and reports it via phone lines, to get you urgent response from the proper authorities.  Did you ever think about what happens if the phone lines are down or are damaged by a storm or an accident.  What do you do then?  We have the answer. 

StarLink is a universal wireless alarm communications, it is a simple cost-effective add-on, that will upgrade your current fire alarm system.  Using today’s fastest and best cyber protected digital cell and/or IP networks, for fire alarm reporting and emergency response.  It will also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year, replacing those undependable vanishing POTs/PSTN lines, with proven wireless reporting, while meeting today’s UL and NFPA National and Local Fire Codes.

Even in difficult LTE coverage areas, StarLink work better because they use twin dual diversity antennae – both separated and independently spaces.  Each antenna receives signals simultaneously, then, using Signal Boost, Starlink signals are intelligently selected and combined, to maximize the signal and eliminate signal drop-outs.   For greater reliability and confidence, all StarLinks are pre-activated to confirm proper communications, saving you onsite labor and time.  Optional StarLink Omni-E extended Antennas are also available for even extremely challenging locations and for use on all Radio brands, coming complete with full mounting hardware. 

StarLink Connect for Smart Business – Better Business Management

StarLink has many uses for your Commercial Business and Small Business Alarm Systems.  Update any Brand Alarm with StarLink Cellular. Stay Connected and in Control from Anywhere.  Manage Business Remotely.  Watch Customer Service.  Easily manage control alarm, locks, lights, HVAC.  Get SMS MMS Notification to any Smart Device or PC.

StarLink Fire Alarm Communicators Equipment Available thru Accurate.

Brochures are available on request.

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