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Fire Pump Controller

Fire Pump Controller is a intricate part of a fire suppression system.  It consists of a sprinkler system, a pump to supply water to the sprinkler heads, an electric motor or diesel engine and a fire pump controller.  When there is a fire, there needs to be a continuous flow of water to the sprinkler heads to extinguish the fire.  In some cases, when the city water pressure is not sufficient a fire pump is used to provide the necessary water pressure.  The fire pump controller monitors the pressure and runs the system in the event of a fire.   It provides a means to start an electric motor or diesel engine, which in turn starts the fire pump.

Accurate presents the GPx Series –  A Full Service – Electric Fire Pump Controllers  by TORNATECH.

Listed are the Standard Features

  • ViZi touch 2.1 operator interface
  • Pressure and event recorder
  • Voltage and amperage display
  • Single operator for both isolating switch and circuit breaker
  • Surge arrestor
  • Lifting lugs
  • Run test push button
  • Available with automatic power transfer switch
  • Emergency start handle
  • Start and stop pushbuttons
  • Locked rotor protector
  • Phase reversal indication
  • Remote start / deluge valve start provision
  • Pressure transducer and run test solenoid valve externally mounted
  • Grand plat
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Alarm contacts for remote indication
  • Available with full voltage and reduced voltage starting


Starting Methods

  • Model GPA – Across-the-line
  • Model GPY – Wye-Delta Open
  • Model GPP – Partwinding
  • Model GPR – Autotransformer
  • Model GPW – Wye-Delta Open
  • Model GPS – Soft Start Soft Stop


Tornatech GPx Series Electric Fire Pump Controller

GPx Series – Full Service

Electric Fire Pump Controllers (Photo)

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